Grow with Me Swaddle -  Crosses
Grow with Me Swaddle -  Crosses

Grow with Me Swaddle - Crosses

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  • Cotton/Spandex Fabric is stretchy.light and breathable to promote gentle airflow
  • Less Origami, More Sleep! This easy to use one-step baby swaddle doesn't unravel like blankets can
  • Two-Way zipper allows for quick and easy diaper changes
  • Maintains Rigid, Safe Sleep and safe swaddle standards
  • Ergonomically Shaped with a "Hip Healthy" Design Specialized Bebeflex fabric provides additional room and comfort for hips and shoulders
  • Arms In or Out depending upon baby's needs
  • Developmentally Designed The Woombie Hands Over Heart sleep position has been recognized as the healthiest way for babies to sleep
  • Arms-Free Interior allows skin-on-skin contact, mimicking parental touch and fostering self soothing.
  • Promotes Back Sleeping The safest sleep position for babies is on their back
  • Narrowed Waistline gently compresses the tummy, providing additional comfort for your baby

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