Niche Nursing Pillow Fog

Niche Nursing Pillow Fog

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Our best-selling Niche nursing pillow is a super soft, cloud-like haven for you and your child to bond while feeding. This nursing pillow is truly designed to grow with your baby. The unique square shape allows for a variety of feeding positions and provides ample room for newborns to tots and even twins!

You’ll feel at ease as your baby's skin touches the cooling comfort of our Pebble fabric made from Oeko-Tex Certified Tencel™.

Disclaimer: The Niche Nursing Pillow is designed for nursing or bottle feeding. Adult supervision is required at all times. If baby falls asleep on the Niche while feeding, immediately transfer baby to a safe sleep environment, such as a crib that is flat, firm, and free of any blankets, pillows, or toys.

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