Best Dad Ever
Best Dad Ever
Best Dad Ever

Best Dad Ever

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Kids say the darndest things! the little guy who said his mom's superhero persona would be "eargirl" because she could hear what he was doing from the other room...

Too funny!

Such a great gift, these beautiful little full color books will either have them laughing or crying- or both!

A great way for kids from young to old to be able to show their innermost thoughts about their parents.

Give as a heartwarming gift from littles, or as a gag gift from the adults!

Either way, the end result will be the same… they will be showing most wonderful people in their lives just how much they care!


* 18 full color pages all about dad
* softcover
* saddle stitching
* every page has a place to draw a picture describing what's going on
* every page has prompts for your kiddos to write the best story about their loved one ever!

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